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JustBio.com is a site fully dedicated to BioInformatics and web-services for molecular biology scientists. You will find here, in the hosted tools section, some tools that I hope you will find useful.

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Latest Additions...

NEW! Cutter v2 and Aligner v2 online tools [03/01/2011]
We have released the new versions of our very popular Enzyme Cutter and Clustalw Aligner tools. Just try them. With the new Cutter tool you can generate several Enzyme Restriction reports in tabs for easier comparisons. Also, you can execute re-cuts with selected enzymes. Visit it.

CV Bank [25/03/2010]
We have implemented a new section on JustBio. It is the CV Bank (Resume listing) for users wanting to display their profile, experience. It can be used for job seeking or exchanging experiences.

Web site design [18/02/2010]
We have implemented a new site design. Some usage problems may occur. Sorry for that. New features will be integrated soon, like a group blogging interface, CV/Resume bank of registered users, etc.

Protein Plot Analysis [18/07/2006]
Now you can generate Kyte & Doolittle hydropathy and Hopp & Woods antigenic plots online! Visit it.

IMPROVED! NetPlasmid [25/05/2006]
NesPlasmid can now automatically design plasmid maps from its DNA sequence! Try it here.

PrimerAnneal [03/12/2004]
This new tool allows you to find primers on your sequence. Works with degenerate code also.. Try it here.

PromoterDB [04/11/2004]
Now available at JustBio, a promoters sequence database with search engine for all organisms. You can find promoter sequences quickly from keywords or partial sequences. Try it here.

Codon Usage [10/01/2004]
With this simple tool, you can quickly calculate codon usage and %GC from your DNA sequences!. Try it here.

NetPlasmid [20/05/2003]
With this simple tool, you can draw colored plasmid maps in a few minutes from your browser!. Try it here.

Array List Labelizer [28/10/2002]
This tool allows you to associate descriptions and other texts to an ordered list of labels (ex: A ORF gene list). It keeps the order and associate description from a flat database you provide. Try it here.

PatSearch. [27/09/2002]
Search PROSITE patterns on your protein sequence. Try it here.

SeqPainter. [21/07/2002]
Paint your aminoacids sequence according to their properties. Try it here.

Complementor. [19/07/2002]
Get the complementary of your DNA sequence. Try it here.


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