JustBio.com is a web site created by Pierre Rodrigues, a Ph.D. in Virology. Nils Paulhe recently participated in tools improvements like Cutter v2 and Aligner v2 (03/01/2011)

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Review by Genengnews.com
<< This column marks the beginning of the seventh year of On the Web in Genetic Engineering News. With over 1,500 Websites reviewed here, you might think I would have just about reached the end of the list of useful, novel scientific sites out there—but then along comes a site like JustBio to convince you that the Web is a continually evolving medium and that the end is a long ways away. JustBio used to be known as Molecular Biology Shortcuts (which was reviewed here in 2000), but the move to a new URL has come with a considerable enhancement of scope. Probably the most impressive section was the addition of the most comprehensive set of molecular biology sequence-analysis tools I’ve seen in a single site. They include tools for analyzing DNA/RNA, proteins, and microarrays, as well as constructing bibliographies. Full access requires registration, but everything I saw seemed to work without it—a very pleasant surprise.
Services: T,D,L,N,O (consulting services); Strong Points: Free analyses; Weak Points: None; Rating: Excellent >>

AgileBio provides IT and bioinformatics consulting and services. AgileBio was created in June 2002 by Pierre Rodrigues.

AgileBio first product is LabCollector, an Intranet/Internet software solution to manage lab data and information. JustBio.com is a bio-informatics web site, providing FREE tools to molecular biology scientisits.

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Biology News Net - Biotechnology


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Gene Drive Technology: Where is the future?

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Four newly identified genes could improve rice

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Watching the luminescent gene switch

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