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Félix Lab Strain Database


Please indicate the number of the strain(s) that you would like to receive and a brief statement of what you plan to do with it. Do not forget to include your complete mailing address.



... to all those who participated in building and maintaining this collection, especially Antoine Barrière, Isabelle Nuez, Christian Braendle, Marie Delattre, Marie-Laure Dichtel-Danjoy, Sophie Louvet-Vallée, Josselin Milloz, Evelyne Pierre, Dorothée Baélle, Jean-Baptiste Pénigault, Fabien Duveau and the current members of the lab.
This collection, including species identification - and all our work -, would not have been possible without Paul Sternberg, Lynn Carta, Walter Sudhaus, Karin Kiontke, David Fitch, Paul De Ley, and all compost and rotting fruit samplers...

The Félix lab strain collection is currently maintained by Aurélien Richaud and Marie-Anne Félix .